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Shouldn’t be allowed…

Have you noticed how the man on the TV ad for The Scooter Store looks just like (the currently wheelchair-bound) Dick Cheney? There is something about this that makes the Crone wish to indulge in a childish tee hee. Have … Continue reading

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The Brotherhood of the Travelling Pants

Less than 50% of kids in foster care graduate high school and the percentage is significantly lower for African American boys. The Crone is pleased to say that this Friday, her son will be on the right side of the … Continue reading

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The moment before the upswing

The Crone is in the process of changing her job. On January 30, she will leave the Throbbing Temples and migrate  4 or 5 blocks further west to a new professional perch. She feels like a non-profit pioneer, bravely preparing to pack … Continue reading

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Inauguration day: Things we liked

Obama’s speech Michelle’s gold coat and grey/green accessories Cheney being carted off in a wheelchair The sea of flags The poem The poetry in the benediction The senior Bushes cheery purple scarves (sorry–can’t seem to find a good photo) Seeing … Continue reading

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Whose bed will we find you in tomorrow?: An Itchy Ankle Inquiry

Martin Luther King Day is an occasion for bed swapping  in Itchy Ankle. Andy’s king size suite is going to a new home down the street where it will be filled with love and a family of four–everything he always … Continue reading

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Today’s news from Itchy Ankle

The lady from the coffee shop has a pastry-related injury. The Crone got the story of the limp along with her latte. Lunging for a muffin, the pastry proprietress badly banged her knee on the corner of the cabinet. Baked goods are … Continue reading

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Is it wrong to be irritated by:

The constant use of the phrase ” in this economy” by people who couldn’t spell the word economy this time last year? People who describe meat and potatoes as protein and starch? Ann Curry?

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The Dot That Echoed Round The World

The Blarney Crone’s blood relatives are a mixed bunch. Her nearest and dearest–a father, a sister and a brother–aren’t much for close personal contact, preferring to limit themselves (in order of seniority) to the (admittedly welcome) biannual check, the modest parcel some weeks … Continue reading

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Studying to become the Scourge of the Neighborhood

When the Blarney Crone was a Blarney Child she knew where the witch lived. The house was across the street and two doors up from her own. The Child was never in the witch’s house, and wouldn’t have crossed its door. The … Continue reading

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Auntie Dot’s Irish wheaten bread recipe

The Crone is sitting eating her Auntie Dot’s wheaten bread, made from a recipe which, to the best of the Crone’s knowledge, was first printed in the Rathfriland Pre-School Playgroup Cookery Book circa 1994. The Crone’s cousin Jenny Bell edited … Continue reading

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