The Dot That Echoed Round The World

Auntie Dot is front row, second from the left, in front of the Crone's Father

Auntie Dot is front row, second from the left, in front of the Crone's Father

The Blarney Crone’s blood relatives are a mixed bunch. Her nearest and dearest–a father, a sister and a brother–aren’t much for close personal contact, preferring to limit themselves (in order of seniority) to the (admittedly welcome) biannual check, the modest parcel some weeks after Christmas (BTW, Anne, no sign of it yet) and the two-line email once in a blue moon. Phone calls are rarely, if ever, initiated and conversational inquiry is usually quashed by “nothing unusual at this end, dear” or a sibling’s “nothing very strange or startling.” These phrases are to phonecalls as fire blankets are to flames. In short, the Crone has pretty much given up on her family’s news sense, and on Alexander Graham Bell’s invention. At this point, enter the extended family, a diaspora that shares the Crone’s desperation for information: far flung Aunts and Uncles who do their bit to keep the sharing spark alive. Witness The Dot That Echoed Round The World: mere moments after her wheaten bread recipe was first featured on this weblog she was adding to the sum of family knowledge, emailing the Crone to supply Gran’s original recipe for the same Irish bread, and adding a few tips of her own to boot. The recipe is included below and, much she loved her Gran, the Crone feels obliged to warn that, in her view, the unamended version is not as good as Auntie Dot’s, being more dense and chewy–you, of course, may think differently.

The Blarney Crone, and her Gran
The Blarney Crone, and her Gran
GRAN’S WHEATEN BREAD (with Auntie Dot’s roughage rich amendments)
1lb plain flour
1 lb coarse whole meal flour
14 oz coarse wholemeal flour
1 oz natural wheat bran
1 oz natural oat bran)
4 oz sugar
4 oz hard marg or butter
4/5 teaspoons baking soda
1 dessertspoon salt
1 1/4 pints buttermilk
Bake in 3 loaf tins (1 lb size) at 375F (190C) about 45mins to 1 hr – test with skewer – wrap in tea towel to avoid hardening.
In the interests of fair reporting, the Crone must point out that the recipe was supplied to Dot by her sister Hannah (front row third from the left) and has also been discussed at length with Uel (back row, far right) but it’s Auntie Dot who’s taken it viral, causing the Crone to hear from a cousin in Canada she has met only once or twice. Cousin Andrew, son of Auntie Lillian (front row, far right) has been in touch with the Crone to comment on the etiquette of blogging about baked goods, and exploring his own gluten-rich genetics. Thus a little loaf keeps a family connected–truly manna from heaven.


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US Peace Corps Volunteer in Armenia. Permanent address in Washington DC. Deep roots in Northern Ireland and persistent Belfast accent. Blogger,cook, mother, grandma, Scrabble-player and enthusiastic world traveler.
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