Hyannis Port–but no black dress

To Hyannis Port MA. The Crone was rather touched to note that the interstate signs (the flashing updatable ones that usually warn of fog, pile-ups or the dangers of driving unbelted) had been changed in honor of Senator Ted Kennedy who died on Tuesday night. They said:

Thanks Ted

The People of Mass.

The Crone would love you to believe that she is in town to visit the Kennedy compound, representing the people of Ireland at the Senator’s send-off, but in fact she is here for the wedding of Andy and Michael and so will be wearing something floral and fetching tomorrow, instead of a Rose Kennedy cast-off.

It’s all very interesting so far. The Crone and her companions stopped at Angelo’s Orchid Diner where a waitress with a bit of go about her explained a menu that owed more to the Portuguese than the Pilgrims, and then introduced the trio to a dish called American Chop Suey–elbow macaroni, hamburger (lumps of mince for you brits) and bits and pieces of tomato and pepper all mixed up in a cheesy sauce.  The Crone’s dream of lobster rolls went out the window but there’s a clam bake tomorrow at the wedding and the next week will have no shortage of seafood.  

Angelo's Orchid Diner, New Bedford, MA

Angelo's Orchid Diner, New Bedford, MA

About Liz Barron

US Peace Corps Volunteer in Armenia. Permanent address in Washington DC. Deep roots in Northern Ireland and persistent Belfast accent. Blogger,cook, mother, grandma, Scrabble-player and enthusiastic world traveler.
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