Some pictures and a thousand words

The Crone’s good friend from high school was in town at the weekend. The former Nymph O’Maniac now goes by her married name, Mistress Lube, and lives in Oklahoma.  The Crone and she have known each other for nearly 40 years and haven’t seen each other for 8.

At first sight, the hag and her Okie homie do not appear to have very much in common. They both have freckles but on Mistress Lube these are but a light dusting of fairy pollen compared to the Crone’s darkening age-spots. Mistress Lube is long and lithe of limb, always beautifully made-up and coiffed; and groomed within an inch of her life. The Crone is, well,–NOT.

And their differences are more than skin deep. Mistress Lube flew to the Nation’s Capital at the weekend to march against big government. The Crone likes everything big, and is firmly for Obama and the public option.  Mistress Lube likes Sarah Palin for more than her boots and the Crone, well, DOESN’T.

Apparently you can buy them from Cole Haan

Apparently you can buy them from Cole Haan

Mistress Lube is good at getting husbands and the Crone’s dismal record speaks for itself. The list could go on and on…

Nontheless, Crone and crony had a great time over the weekend, for both are quick of wit, sharp of tongue and like to laugh a lot.  Mistress Lube is a very talented photographer and so the school pals took a turn around the monuments at dusk for a little Lube action around Lincoln.

Lincoln Memorial courtesy Niki Counce

Lincoln Memorial courtesy Niki Counce








Those familiar with the National Mall will know that parking is a problem but it was 7 o’clock at night and so the Crone decided to risk pulling into a spot normally reserved for tour buses, patrol cars and the like. Photos firmly snapped, the two were heading for dinner when a park policeman pulled them over. Regular readers will remember that the Crone generally does not do well  when confronted by the law but how different life can be with Mistress Lube all charming and disarming in the front seat: the pair (and don’t make the Crone spell out which pair–or whose pair) got off with a warning and were quickly on their way.

The DC Chinatown arch courtesy Niki Counce
The DC Chinatown arch courtesy Niki Counce

  To Chinatown and Jaleo where waiters scurried to produce outside tables, Mojitos, and all manner of delicious tapas for the Rose of Tulsa and the homely hometown girl.  Much laughter, plenty to say and lots of reminiscing with only one tricky moment–when Mistress Lube could not resist  reminding the Crone that her own 50th birthday will fall nearly a year behind the Crone’s. Hmmm. Might have been safer sticking to religion and politics.

The Crone was glad to see her friend and is proud of her shutter skills–among her many other charms and attributes. You can check out her DC photos here–many of them taken from the tour bus and the rally photos here and see some of the Crone’s favorite thumbnails below.











botanical gardens






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