See you at El Cid

The Crone has had a wonderful day in San Diego, thanks to Craig and Danny.

Craig picked her up at the hotel in his cab this morning and got chatting on the way to the swap meet.

“Why d’you want to go there?” Craig asked, once his ears had adjusted to the Crone’s accent and he’d worked out she was headed for the flea market. “The Irish have treasure. All we got is stuff”

Turned out Craig knew a lot about Ireland and had picked up many Irish people over the years.

“If it wasn’t for whiskey the Irish would run the world” he said and the Crone thinks this is probably true.

Craig is having a hard time making ends meet ” I hope someone sticks it to Goldman Sachs ” he said “They don’t get it. They don’t know what it’s like for the rest of us” The Crone thinks this is definitely true.

Craig dropped the Crone at the flea market leaving her his card and urging her to call when she needed her next ride. The morning was beautiful and there was junk everywhere. The Crone was in her element and bought, and bought and bought to such an extent that she then had to buy a suitcase to wheel her purchases round the swap meet–and to have any chance of carrying them back to the East Coast. When she called Craig he was busy, but he sent Danny and, with the help of cell phones, Crone and cabbie soon connected ( ” I’m wearing a green coat and I’ve got a large blue suitcase”)

Danny too knew a lot about Ireland. He’d even been to Northern Ireland. He also had a downer on America’s super rich ” It’s a Yank disease” he said ” In Ireland people would be ashamed to be showy. Here, people only thing about themselves and how much they’ve got”

By the time the two arrived at Balboa park, Danny had agreed to keep the Crone’s suitcase in the back of his cab and pick her up again after lunch, so she could enjoy her sight-seeing unimpeded. They arranged a pick up at the statue of the national hero of Spain. “See you at El Cid” he said.

The Crone walked around the park, visited the craft stores and stocked up on jewelry and then went for lunch at Prado. Shrimp Relleno and Fish Tacos and some truly delicious Sangria. She thought about going to the Art Museum, but then she thought about a nap at the hotel and so decided instead to call for Danny.

“You’re not Muslim are you?” asked Danny once the Crone was again comfortably settled in the back seat of the cab ” No” said the Crone, slightly surprised. “Just worried you might have something against El Cid” said Danny and explained what the Castilian nobleman had done to the Moors. He then went on to discourse about discrimination in the old days in Belfast’s shipyard “‘Course no one has any jobs there now” and to talk about Tony Blair’s ease at Prime Ministers Questions and threw in some stuff about Obama (he’s a fan) and George W. Bush (not so much) just for good measure.

“Thanks for your help with the suitcase” said the Crone as she left the cab “Glad to do it”  said Danny.

About Liz Barron

US Peace Corps Volunteer in Armenia. Permanent address in Washington DC. Deep roots in Northern Ireland and persistent Belfast accent. Blogger,cook, mother, grandma, Scrabble-player and enthusiastic world traveler.
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