The Crone as Reality TV Star

Used to be that the Crone was a big shot TV executive. Not any more. This week she had dinner with a former colleague who has continued to make her living chasing ratings, developing formats and searching out the latest reality star.

The Crone’s erstwhile colleague explained that her channel now sorts potential presenters into a variety of categories, each more crazy than the last.

At the end of a sumptuous meal, the bill arrived. The Crone’s friend reached for it and said “Don’t worry, I can pretend you still are someone”

 “Great” said the Crone, completely unabashed ” Please can you put me with the other ‘credible obsessives’.”

About Liz Barron

US Peace Corps Volunteer in Armenia. Permanent address in Washington DC. Deep roots in Northern Ireland and persistent Belfast accent. Blogger,cook, mother, grandma, Scrabble-player and enthusiastic world traveler.
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4 Responses to The Crone as Reality TV Star

  1. Targe of Takoma says:

    i think you’ve got a serious shot at PAWN STAR… or at least an exceptional flea market version of the same…

  2. blarneycrone says:

    Or perhaps I could be “One Fat Lady”?

  3. Hughesie says:

    Just seen the amazing footage of the dawn, or maybe it was dusk – it was a bit dark and hard to make out — utilising the Crone’s newly acquired camera skills.

    I will forward to many of the finest – Barker, Mallon, Davis – for them to take note.

    As always the Crone is at the cutting edge of technology. I still break into a sweat when I see the magnificence and engineering of the Crone’s vast collection of chairs.

  4. Frank Hanna says:

    Nice one Crone…it took me back to my roots and TV experience in Belfast during the 70s. Some 10 years after I had given up TV to run my law practice I was approached by a little old lady in a Belfast City centre street. Looking me straight in the face she said, “Didn’t you used to be Frank Hanna?”

    There is no answer!

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