Jaffa Cakes and A Good Night’s Sleep–good times in the Brazil Abode.

For those of you who do not follow comments on the Crone’s postings as assiduously as you might, here is a faithful reproduction of the latest from Doris Brazil http://dorisbrazil.wordpress.com

Odd that she should mention the Bay City Rollers, because the Crone was an ardent fan (although even her enthusiasm had waned by 1976) and her similarity to Fat Eric Faulkner (bottom right) has often been remarked upon.

Dear Blarneycrone,

You can assure the watchdogs of Itchy Ankle that they are barking up the wrong tree. Doris Brazil does not swing both ways. In fact it’s more than twenty years since she swung at all. Arousal is a word I now associate with Jaffa Cakes and a good night’s sleep. When I spoke of a civil ceremony I was speaking metaphorically of course, the metaphor was intended to demonstrate the depth of my delight at having found a like-minded soul with whom to correspond.

As for Alexander McQueen, I understand your comments but I feel it’s time to step aside and give someone younger a chance. If I were to head Mr McQueen’s empire I would just be denying somebody else the opportunity. As for tartan, I got my fingers burnt by tartan back in the eighties when I jumped onto the Bay City Rollers’ bandwagon. Nobody told me that the BCR’s popularity had waned as early as 1976 when bassist Alan Longmuir left the band citing stress. I sold my last tartan waistcoat only last year.

Several years ago, for Christmas, Flo bought me a tartan blanket, supposedly in the Brazil clan tartan. I said to her; “How on God’s earth can the Brazil’s have their own tartan?” But apparently we do and a less appealing combination of colours I struggle to imagine. Tangerine, teal and brown ochre! They must have looked buggers, wandering around the glens dressed like that. And how ironic, that their distant descendant should own a leading west country fashion house.

Thank you for the stylus top tip; I shall give it a go.

Ooh, there goes the doorbell. That’ll be Flo. We’ve got tickets for the Appleton Marsh Players. They’re doing a revival of Chekov’s Three Sisters and, as usual, I am going with the Flo. We love am-dram.



Surely the only time Chekhov and the Bay City Rollers have been mentioned in the same post? Summerlove Sensation was a big hit in the summer of 1974, around the same time that the Crone discovered she had the same problem hair as Eric (the chubby one who keeps trying to get into Les McKeown’s shot in the clip above)

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