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Sorry Y’All Can’t Make It

My fabulous fiftieth birthday invitations, designed, produced and personally bound by Princess Di

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The Latest from Lady Macbeth

Regular readers will remember that I was recently visited by a Scottish friend who appeared to be suffering from sciatica. She limped back to London—and went downhill from there. Here is her email, sent yesterday Well, I’m home [ from … Continue reading

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Marigolds–A Real Fashion Statement

Dear Doris, First of all, my apologies if my comments to Derek Templeton about you were hurtful. There is something about that man that riles me up and caused me to type less tactfully than I should. Naturally, I envy you your … Continue reading

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By our words we are known

Jeff has written books before, of course, but his last one will be different. This time, he is writing in the first person about everything he cares about, and writing for everyone he holds most dear. Jeff is living with stage four pancreatic cancer. … Continue reading

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I had it just a minute ago…

Since arriving in Boston, I have left my cardie behind twice, and my wallet in my room once–something I didn’t discover until I finished a $25 cab journey. Luckily, the driver, Rafi, was very understanding. He came back and picked me … Continue reading

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Puddles, pillars and posts

Today I absent mindedly abandoned my laptop by the ticket machine at Union Station. I dashed back five minutes later and it was nowhere to be seen. Fortunately, someone had handed in at the ticket desk. Minutes after that, I dropped my iphone in a … Continue reading

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Doing great, so I am

“The Crone I knew used to know everything I hope you are not “guessing” everything now!” Unkind words from a blog reader in Belfast who feels that the Crone should be following the World Cup and not Major League baseball. In … Continue reading

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Itchy Ankle Garden

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Doris Brazil Throws Down A Challenge

I usually ignore online chain letters and requests for personal information, but since this one came from Doris Brazil, where’s the harm? Her answers are in italics, and mine are below.   1. Why did you start a blog? There’s a … Continue reading

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Pass the Tylenol

I am enjoying a cup of coffee for the first time since Wednesday, when I was struck down with a terrible headache. I am not a headachey sort of person and I now have new and profound empathy for those that … Continue reading

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