Marigolds–A Real Fashion Statement

Dear Doris,

First of all, my apologies if my comments to Derek Templeton about you were hurtful. There is something about that man that riles me up and caused me to type less tactfully than I should. Naturally, I envy you your lean good looks and rangy thoroughbred form. It was rude of me to call you bony.

 It also occurs to me that we never really closed the loop on what you might get from attending our October conference and catching up on the latest from the thought-leaders at Transparency Towers.  I understand that it’s hard for a business leader like yourself to get away and so I wonder if you might arrange a power breakfast or two closer to home, pulling together some West Country changemakers in a way not witnessed since David Penhaligon’s funeral? Let Flo open up DBLW while you mingle with local CEOs and non-executive directors at The Devon Dumpling or The Totnes Tearooms or similar. Keep the tea and toast coming and before you know where you are innovation will be flowing too.  I must say I think your latest range of windproof, wipe-down clothing is inspired.  I must warn those of my Itchy Ankle neighbors who keep their boats, old cars, overspill furniture and rusting lawnmowers under tarps that these may soon be in demand from fashion students. If culottes are back in, capes and ponchos can’t be far behind–tarp grommets would be what Project Runway’s Tim Gunn refers to as sophisticated detailing I am sure.

As you know, I favor prints myself, as they are so much better at hiding stains (although, admittedly less of a problem when you can take a J-cloth directly to your shirt front). I wonder if we know anyone in France who could send your Slav sewing team some gaily patterned oilcloth? I’m in the market for a frock or two if so.

I discovered the other day, when faced with a plumbing problem, that America does not make Marigolds–can you imagine? I popped into Itchy Ankle’s All-Purpose Store and asked for them by name but to no avail. Once I explained the task at hand, I was supplied with a pair of industrial strength black rubber gloves and charged $7. Outrageous. Some days later, I came across some Marigold manques in another local store. These were made by Playtex. Now I am all for diversification but, as I sure your power breakfasters would agree, there has to be some product synergy. Playtex, in my book, are all about breathable support whereas impermeable snap and stretch is what is needed from a rubber glove.

Oh How I Miss My Marigolds

I am writing this letter from the Amtrak train speeding its way from Boston to DC. We have just passed New York, so only three more hours to go. Time for a game of Free Cell I think–unless you are online and up for a move or two in Lexulous?

Until next time dear Doris, Blabs

About Liz Barron

US Peace Corps Volunteer in Armenia. Permanent address in Washington DC. Deep roots in Northern Ireland and persistent Belfast accent. Blogger,cook, mother, grandma, Scrabble-player and enthusiastic world traveler.
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One Response to Marigolds–A Real Fashion Statement

  1. My dear Merewoman (of course you may call me Derek. Its far better than Blarney Crone who tells all that I “rile” her up; whatever that means)

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