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Party in the Presidential Suite–Yes We Can!

Hansel has confirmed that he and the Hottie will be attending my birthday bash next Saturday night. He has also indicated that he will be bringing Big Baby and two other friends. He had no questions about suitable gifts or … Continue reading

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No Blue Plaque for the Blarney Crone

Just look what Doris Brazil unearthed in the Appleton Marsh Sue Ryder shop! HOCO POCO (Head of Commemorative Objects, Plastic, Onyx, Ceramic Only) at the BBC had this fired just before I set sail for America all those years ago. I hadn’t realized … Continue reading

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Cell phone menace: Do not get in this man’s car

96601-Empire 35. Remember this tag and do not take a ride from this DC taxi driver. The man is a menace. I stepped into his car yesterday morning on my way to work. Shortly after he picked me up, he … Continue reading

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The Blarney Crone–Now Blogging in the Business World

My thoughts on Mergers and Acquisitions–probably of enormous value to anti-trust lawyers everywhere.

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Doris Brazil turns 78

Dear Doris, It seems like such a long time since we had a good catch-up, just you and me. I am so sorry I missed your birthday and wish you many, many more. Did you and Flo have a cake … Continue reading

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Posting from my new IPAD…too exciting

Outside a thunderstorm is lashing Itchy Ankle but inside I am blogging on my new IPAD thanks to a nifty little app from With luck, the temperature will come down a bit, because we are all tired of feeling … Continue reading

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Good fences–fine. Tall trees? Not so much…-

I don’t know the people who bought the tumbledown house that stood between my house and the water, but I rejoiced when they chopped down the towering leylandii that surrounded their plot. Losing the trees nearly doubled my view of the Bay. My … Continue reading

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She’s not Bitter–much

Woke up to this from Doris: “Congratulations to all of the winners and thank you  for organising what has been a pulsatingly exciting poetry competition. I apologise for being so tetchy towards the end. I was already fraught, even before the shambolic … Continue reading

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Goodbye Alex Higgins

So farewell then Alex Higgins Son of Belfast’s Sandy Row Stick thin even before the cancer sticks shrunk your weight to seven stone. Belfast’s only Hurricane, We give you Cue-dos Rest in Peace Read more about the death and final … Continue reading

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Excuses, excuses.

Ok, I admit it. I tired of the First Annual Itchy Ankle Writing Contest (with entries welcome on and from Washington DC) before I had completely finished the judging process. I therefore managed to miss my own deadline for announcing … Continue reading

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