Blogging About The Birthday–Part One

I write this from a plane on the way to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where my birthday celebrations will continue for another week or so. I am having a fabulous time and recommend that everyone turn 50 at least once.   

I am travelling with Tom and Mike who contributed so much to the fun of Saturday night. Tom took most of the photos, and Mike’s entire bloodline stopped by at one point or another to raise a glass and swap acidic remarks.   

Tom and Mike



The party was on the terrace outside the Presidential suite at the JW Marriott hotel, just beside the White House in Washington DC. The terrace can seat 100 people, but we confined ourselves to a modest 27. P Weil and Spud Hughes flew in from London. Hansel brought Big Baby and Gretel had her niece Cinders and her friend Beauty in tow. The kids took advantage of the pool and jacuzzi and ate heartily of room service. Everyone else tucked into goats cheese salad, rack of lamb with cous cous and sorbet and cupcakes. There weren’t many takers for coffee.   

The Girls From Transparency Towers


The Girls from The Throbbing Temples

Hansel and Big Baby hang out at the party


bathing beauties on the big birthday


The Terrace can seat 100 people The views of the city were truly astonishing, as was the standard of gift wrapping and the well chosen barbs on each of the cards. Gifts included a sholley--very handy for trips to the liquor store--, a glass boasting the legend " I drink cold drinks for hot flashes" and a spa card to allow me to sign up for rejuvenating treatments. I stayed up until 1:30am and thanks to Tina of Fiddleheads and her catering size can of hairspray, I remained coiffed like a forties film star until the very end. Courtesy of P Weil we had a sumptuous breakfast on the terrace the following morning and then left the opulence of the suite for phase two of the celebrations, back in Itchy Ankle. The girls from Throbbing Temples



Amadeus and Ramadan Susie



Spud Hughes, World's Greatest Sailor and World's Greatest Realtor



B'day bidet FFNAR, FFNAR...


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