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Tornado warning for Itchy Ankle

Dear Doris, I write to you from Washington DC where the weather is the worst we have seen since last winter’s snow.  There is biblical rain and on TV the weather man warns of a tornado risk in Itchy Ankle. People are advised … Continue reading

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At last, I look and live like Barbie

Turns out Barbie and I have both just celebrated our 50th birthdays–and as you can see we really have a lot in common.

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In Praise of Sherbet Fountains

One of Hansel’s gifts from the UK was a bumper pack of penny candy. He ate all the drumsticks and blackjacks and gobstoppers but nothing could persuade him to try the Fizzers (which I am sure were called Swizzlers in my young day) or the Parma … Continue reading

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What a Fright

So much for my new hair cut. Note that when I woke up this morning my hair was standing a full 8 inches north of my head.

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When Worlds Collide–The Hidden Price of Politics and Principle

My son is moving this weekend from his group home in NE Washington. His move today is necessitated because the place where he has been living is closing. It turns out the funding was provided by the Catholic Archdiocese of … Continue reading

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Get on your marching shoes.

To Tom and Mike’s for Wednesday night dinner where the conversation turned to Stephen Colbert’s and Jon Stewart’s plan to hold rallies on Capitol Hill just before the mid-term elections. We all plan to go. The conversation turned to our own … Continue reading

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Dragon slaying a speciality

Check out my friend Erin’s  wonderful blog here.

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I promise that I will do my best…

I go back a long way with the girl guide movement, spanning the years 1964-1979. I began as a Bunnie (now a Rainbow Guide) and swiftly progressed to the Brownies, where I became a sixer in the Sprites, and then to the guides, where … Continue reading

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Doris and the Crone: Our names in large print

Huge excitement Doris–I’ve submitted both our blogs to Webster’s Webwatch at the Oldie–you know, that magazine you and Flo catch up with when you go to get your corns done. They were soliciting links to websites of particular interest to the … Continue reading

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Ireland’s cultural contributions to the world

Things are different in Ireland, as I trust you can see from the You Tube clip below, thoughtfully supplied to me by Valiant Valerie during my brief sojourn in England’s West Country. Most people who holiday in Ireland are lured … Continue reading

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