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Hot listed by the Menopausal

Sooo exciting. The Blarney Crone is now a Top 100 Menopause Blog, offering succour to the sweaty and short-tempered middle-aged women of the world. As they say in Northern Ireland ” you could be known for worse” Check out my rosette … Continue reading

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Fork Handles, Frayed Feet and that Christmas Feeling

I am feeling a little frail this Christmas. Something to do with having fallen on the ice and hurting my right hand. (You try wrapping presents without an opposable thumb). I’ve been wearing the same bra for five days because … Continue reading

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

1) Tina from Fiddleheads has dyed a green streak in the front of her hair. “It gives my mother something to focus on and she leaves the rest of me alone” 2) Tom and Mike have ordered the Foie Gras. And … Continue reading

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She doesn’t phone it in: Reasons to employ Gretel

The Cricket phone store in Annapolis does not seem like a glamorous place to work. Nestled among the car dealerships and tire warehouses, it is gray and draughty. Gretel and I spent an eternity there yesterday for the computers were … Continue reading

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Amazon–not so Amazing

If you are thinking of sending Amazon gift cards this Christmas, I recommend you think again. Hansel and Gretel received a bumper payout totalling $700 for their birthdays a couple of weeks ago–generous gifts from the Blarney connection in the … Continue reading

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A let down for Appleton Marsh

Dear Doris, I am so embarrassed. I arrived back in Itchy Ankle this evening to find Mayor Pepe’s invitation to help him turn on the Appleton Marsh Christmas lights. I realize the town has been ablaze with neon poinsettias, crackers … Continue reading

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St Frances Saves The Day

In this story, names have been changed to protect the professional reputation and personal modesty of the story’s heroine, and the privacy of all other parties. This is not true in the case of the cat. I just can’t remember … Continue reading

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Republicans and Hispanics–can they find a common language?

Excellent red wine from Chile and Paella last night in the unlikely location of  Heritage Foundation in Washington DC. Read all about it.

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Leading from the Digital Edge

Humans have always liked to share their views, get involved, meddle and kvetch–and as recent wikileaks events have shown, now there’s no stopping them. I’m all for it. In real life I am always desperate to be involved in other people’s business … Continue reading

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