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Rex reflects on elegant prose

Article worth reading from Rex. Of course if he’d stuck with complex and left out impenetrable, and dropped barbarosity, he’d have done better yet…

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Media Darlings

It was just like old times: Spud Hughes calling the shots in the gallery and the Crone being bossy on the studio floor. Yes, this week the Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez of  early 80s Irish television were reunited again to produce … Continue reading

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Carabiners, Crampons and the Blarney Bedtime

Liam Neeson is the exception when it comes to Irishmen, for he is tall. Spud Hughes is more typical for he is–how shall I put it?–squat. I am the same size and shape myself, which has caused some problems at bedtime. … Continue reading

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How the world looks from Transparency Towers

The Crone on corporate governance and a new credential that allows directors to show America what they’re made of…

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Fences and Neighbors—like Robert Frost, I’m just sayin’

In Belfast, they call it being “pass remarkable” and I know it is a bad thing. I try not to be pass remarkable, but sometimes, whatever it is just needs to be said. In this case, I must pass a … Continue reading

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Ironing and the Irishman

Spud Hughes is back in town. He arrived at the DC apartment tonight wearing his best brown irish linen suit. ” I wore it here on the plane because I’ll need it next week and I didn’t want to get it … Continue reading

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The Cackler’s New Cocktail Cabinet

I am consumed with jealousy.

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The Hole Family: A Saga to Rival Harry Potter

I was awake half the night channeling my inner J K Rowling. Look out for stories of Heidi and her brothers Bolt and Cubby at bookstores near you. Heidi lives with her Granma Glory and her two uncles Aster and Potter. … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Pause to admire my gifts from Gretel.

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Waiting in–and waiting some more–and waiting still

Call me tomorrow if you want to. I’ll be in all day. This is because I will be awaiting my third service call in a week from HHGregg, a home appliances company that claims to have customer care and satisfaction … Continue reading

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