Waiting in–and waiting some more–and waiting still

Call me tomorrow if you want to. I’ll be in all day. This is because I will be awaiting my third service call in a week from HHGregg, a home appliances company that claims to have customer care and satisfaction as its highest priority.

Last Saturday, I went to their new store in Annapolis and bought a washer and dryer. They didn’t have the ones I wanted in stock, so Greg the helpful salesman agreed to sell me the floor models and knock $50 off each one.

Whirlpool duet washer and dryer

Delivery of the Whirlpool Duet was arranged for Wednesday and I took the day off work. “They’ll call you early in the morning to let you have a three hour window” said Greg “and then they’ll call you back to let you know they will be there in 40 minutes.” They called just after 7am on Wednesday morning and said they would be there between 11am and 2pm. They called again about 7:15am to relay the same message. Lou and Will called at about 9:30am (luckily I was home) and said they would, in fact, be there at 10:15am. They were, but the necessary plumbing to connect the dryer’s swishy steaming capability was not

“Someone will call you back to set up another service call” said Will, reminding me to call a number to give him 5 stars for service. Someone didn’t so at 5pm I called HHGregg and spoke to Tamika. Tamika couldn’t help. She put me through to the store. Greg wasn’t working, so I spoke to Elijah, who found the missing part and confirmed it could be delivered on Saturday.

I arrived in Itchy Ankle on Friday night to find a number of calls from HHGregg confirming and attempting to make deliveries on Thursday, when I was in DC. I resolved to get up early this morning and call HHGregg to rearrange my service appointment for today, but I need not have worried: at 7am they called me to confirm that someone would be here between 2pm and 5pm and would call 40 minutes before arriving. They’ve got in the habit of it now, and don’t seem to be able to stop.

At 4:40pm today I had received no follow up call. I dialled HHGregg again and spoke again to Tamika. We’re quite chummy now. She spoke to the driver who confirmed he was on his way. “He’ll be there before 6:30pm” she said. He was. He didn’t introduce himself but his mate was called Rico–I heard him calling to him in the van.

I asked them not only to finish the plumbing but to push the appliances back against the wall (they have been floating like giant icebergs in the middle of the futility room floor) and to level them, for the dryer sits up about half an inch above the washer.

“Your floor’s not level” said delivery man one “Nothing I can do”. Rico confirmed this was the case. I pointed out that my previous washer and dryer had been perfectly level. “Older models” said number one, and Rico nodded.

The plumbing fixed, it was time to push the machines against the wall. This revealed that the dryer wasn’t fixed to the pedestal, which number one calls a “pedastar”

“Got any screws?” asked Rico. I did not, and neither did they. Giant massive truck from a company that delivers washers and dryers and pedastars all day, but no room for  a box with all the necessary screws.

“You’ll have to have another service call” said number one “They’ll call you early in the morning and ….” “40 minutes before they come out” I finished for him.

We all spoke to Lesley in dispatch, all three of us and she’s promised someone will call me in the morning. So if you do plan call, don’t do it at 7am, for the line will be busy. Customer care and satisfaction–it’s their highest priority.

About Liz Barron

US Peace Corps Volunteer in Armenia. Permanent address in Washington DC. Deep roots in Northern Ireland and persistent Belfast accent. Blogger,cook, mother, grandma, Scrabble-player and enthusiastic world traveler.
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One Response to Waiting in–and waiting some more–and waiting still

  1. Dale Ford says:

    Jane and I know your pain….. we had almost an identical experience with the HG group in Louisville. Their prices are great but their service is definitely lacking to say the least.

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