South Beach Classics–reality worth watching

If you miss Jesse James in Monster Garage, make do with Cake Boss, and watch Pawn Stars even though you know no-one walks into that store without a History Channel producer having first phoned them up, then make sure to watch South Beach Classics, a new show which premiered last week on Discovery.

The series showcases the used car lot of married couple Ted and Robin, selling muscle cars under the Miami sun. He sports the cuban-shirted style of Charlie Sheen in Two and a Half Men and has nearly as many strong one-liners as Chuck Lorre penned for his troubled leading man. He is a TV natural, and you don’t see many of those on reality tv. His wife is modeled after the first Mrs Hulk Hogan and many of the Girls Next Door ( are you sensing that I rarely miss anything in the reality ouevre?) but as soon as she opens her mouth to barter down the price on a Buick Electra you begin to understand that she is more Donald Trump than Jessica Simpson.

The rest of the cast are cute, young and enthusiastic about what they do. The cars–everything from a Bugatti worth $2m to a truck or two you could buy for a thousand bucks–gleam in the sun. Everything about the show is aspirational, attractive and upbeat.

Ted will make you laugh. Robin will make you smile and the whole show will leave you feeling good. South Beach Classics is what reality shows should be: authentic, whole-hearted and a joy to watch. Catch it on Discovery at 10pm ET or watch it online here.

Photos courtesy Discovery

Executive Producer Susan Winslow Coordinating Producer John Cavanagh

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2 Responses to South Beach Classics–reality worth watching

  1. Ed Goldwadd says:

    I have to believe this review was written by Ted. The show is unwatchable.

  2. Ed Goldwadd says:

    Did this reviewer really call this show “authentic”???? Are you kidding me?

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