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The wisdom to know the difference

My Dad has anaplastic thyroid cancer. It will kill him, perhaps in months, maybe in weeks or days. My brother and sister are with him and I will be there in a week. He has a tracheotomy and a feeding … Continue reading

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Life in the old dog yet.

My father, a man who will not see 80 again, may just have been diagnosed with what the Americans call Mono, the Brits call glandular fever–and the world knows as the kissing disease. Just sayin…

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Desperate Dieter in Search of Low Calorie Succour

The good news is that I have lost another 6 lbs, making my total 30lbs in all–not bad in 21/2 months. The bad news is that I have found this last week hard–and next week doesn’t promise to be any … Continue reading

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Dumpster Diving–nature or nurture?

Really, were it not for a slight difference in pigmentation, you would swear Hansel was my natural born son. Yesterday we drove to the dump to get rid of two chairs I had been forced to admit I would never … Continue reading

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Hey Dukies, I did good.

This post is written primarily for my fellow inmates at Duke Diet and Fitness center. Everyone else is welcome to read on of course, but if you are the sort of person who routinely loses weight just by upping the … Continue reading

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Hansel to the rescue once again

It is lovely and quiet here, thanks for asking. Hansel came home about 10pm (sporting his new do) and I immediately forced him up a ladder to look at the beeping smoke alarm. He pinched or flipped the medallion-sized disc … Continue reading

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Emergency responders-where are you when you’re needed?

Why are none of you helping? I can’t go on much longer. I can’t go on alone. I turned off the power to the hall at the fuse box, thinking that would outwit the demonic smoke alarm. There are now … Continue reading

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Bleeping bonkers

George W.Bush and Dick Cheney did not have to resort to waterboarding.  Had they only thought to add a malfunctioning smoke alarm to the cells in Gitmo, they could have had a confession from every inmate, pronto. The smoke alarm … Continue reading

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