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That’s the Spirit: Itchy Ankle

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A suggestion of Spring in Itchy Ankle


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Taking Twitter Instead of the Telegraph

Spending a Sunday morning without a newspaper used to be unthinkable. As a teenager, I looked forward to Clive James and Katherine Whitehorn in the Observer. When a journalist with the BBC, I used to buy half a hundredweight of … Continue reading

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Coming Out In Sympathy

Hansel had a very bad week. He had a wisdom tooth pulled and it hurt like hell. Worse, his beloved Coconut Teddy was still in Van Rehab unable to kick a bad exhaust habit. Hansel was very fed-up and bored … Continue reading

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The Greatest Love Of All

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Secondhand car shopping

I picked Fitzgerald’s because of the Irish name and because Jack looks so cosy on the advertisements. Jack’s pitch is that you don’t have to haggle because the cars are already priced to sell. Suits me Jack. On the website, … Continue reading

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Position Vacant: Marketer. Salary: 1000 calories a day and all the exercise you can handle

The Duke Diet and Fitness Center is cutting back on its weekend services, a victim, it says, of the economic downturn. It is expensive to be sure–about $10k for a month, not including accommodations when I was there enjoying the … Continue reading

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Of cabbages and kale

Barkis makes  brussel sprouts that are beyond belief. I am not exactly sure how he does it but it involves shredding or quartering the sprouts, boiling them and then I imagine he fries them in a little olive oil before dousing … Continue reading

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The keys to number 42

The Campbells have moved in to number 42. They are a young married couple as my parents were when they bought the brand new bungalow in 1957. My dad was its one careful owner until he died in October. We … Continue reading

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A Many Splenda Thing

I have lost 50 pounds since last July. Yaaay! Go me! I am pleased with how I look, but I will admit that the pleasures of bean stew were beginning to pall. I decided to splash out on an 8 … Continue reading

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