Taking Twitter Instead of the Telegraph

Spending a Sunday morning without a newspaper used to be unthinkable. As a teenager, I looked forward to Clive James and Katherine Whitehorn in the Observer. When a journalist with the BBC, I used to buy half a hundredweight of papers and scour them for other people’s ideas with which to impress my news editors first thing on Monday morning. Living in Washington DC ten years ago, my kids would complain about the time I spent sitting on the bed reading the Post. Not any more.

Now, I find I don’t even turn to the papers online, but instead rely on a Twitter feed to delight, inform and amaze me on a Sunday morning.

First smile of the day from @RozeBaker who is watching Cowboy, starring Jack Lemmon.

Cowboy is still on the TV in the background. It’s lovely to work to the gentle rustling of cattle.

The next story that catches my eye: Ten ways to lose weight without really trying  I am fully engaged in all of these, except standing while on the phone or at work. I try to imagine a day with no desk, and fail. Hansel walks past me in the kitchen ” Get me another cup of coffee while you’re on your feet” I ask, handing him the cup. He is always on his feet, and I am always at the kitchen table. It shows in both our figures.

@power30under30 regularly posts inspirational quotes and has a series on perseverance, creativity and self-belief running at the moment. Many of these resonate with me, even when they are uncomfortable to ponder. The one below from that old bore Sir Peter Ustinov does not. My own experience is exactly the opposite. I am sure he was fooling himself…

“As I grow older I find that though I think I’m saying the same things as I always did, people listen to me more.” -Peter Ustinov

By now you are thinking “How shallow–what news of Syria, or Michigan or Ian Paisley’s heart or Nelson’s Mandela’s tummy trouble?” Fear not: I know Hillary is predicting civil war, Santorum is ahead, someone’s been arrested for snapping the former DUP leader in his hospital bed, and Mandela has been allowed home with advice on healing his laparoscopy scar. I told the rest of my family the bad news about #Whitney, courtesy of Twitter.

I did discover a hole in my knowledge when Ramadan Susie and I recently enjoyed a girls’ weekend in New York. When we took the New York Times on a Sunday, we always knew what was playing on and off Broadway, because of the full page ads in the paper. Not any more. If shows want to sell out, the theaters, actors and crew will have to work harder if they want to fill Tweet seats.

From Scottish Susie (@farcry) a retweet of this curiously cheering twitpic. Happy Sunday.

About Liz Barron

US Peace Corps Volunteer in Armenia. Permanent address in Washington DC. Deep roots in Northern Ireland and persistent Belfast accent. Blogger,cook, mother, grandma, Scrabble-player and enthusiastic world traveler.
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