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Bathroom reading

And they say no-one knows how to write any more? I came across this sign while availing myself of the facilities at the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  It is rare to see an apostrophe so accurately deployed. Although I’d have … Continue reading

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Why hoarders have it hard

I decided to enter a minimalist phase and take advantage of a local fundraiser that was seeking household goods to auction. The only problem was, I couldn’t really see anything in the house I was prepared to do without. I … Continue reading

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Buzz Off–Not Likely

His name was Carlo and I met him in Milan. He had a black mop of corkscrew hair and olive skin that smelt of mosquito repellent.  It only increased my attraction, and since then I associate anything Deet-scented with deep … Continue reading

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Back with a Vengeance

My levels of self-loathing are at a new high and this is a hard post to write. I have put on most of the weight I lost last year and, as the anniversary of my respite at the (yes, madly … Continue reading

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In the beauty of the lilies…

Pictures of other people’s flowers are like pictures of other people’s children. Dull. I’ve tried to be selective, I’ve tried to keep them small. They make me happy.

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Language lessons, green fields and bloody battle

The Fighting Irish from Notre Dame are named for the Irish immigrants who joined the Union Army and fought in the Civil War. These men stepped off the ships in Boston or New York and were immediately handed a gun … Continue reading

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Got Crazy?

The Wilson Barron deck and gardens are already a draw in Itchy Ankle. Connie and Mary, two women I have never seen before, stopped by this morning while I was having my coffee. They oohed and aahed over my flowerbeds … Continue reading

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Garden Party

We woke to a new-washed world. A huge limb from the mulberry tree was bowed to the ground, but there was no other damage from the funnel clouds and biblical rain of Friday night. The pile of dirt for the … Continue reading

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