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Milhous m’enerve

Milhous can irritate in several languages. In addition to English,( in which he is largely incomprehensible due to his brain moving faster than his tongue, and poor socialization  in early childhood), he speaks his own strangled French, German and Spanish. … Continue reading

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Drinking it all in

It is raining in Paris. It has been all day. Milhous and I invested in a couple of parapluie and set off bravely in the direction of the Center Pompidou for our daily dose of culture. When we got there, … Continue reading

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A moment of intimacy in the elevator

In common with most of the global female population, I have shunned intimate contact with Milhous Vile. That situation has dramatically shifted this weekend. We are in Paris, but the change of my status from untouched to despoiled is nothing … Continue reading

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Our Garden: More Ghetto than Grotto.

Peggoty’s garden pond is something special.  Water streams  from a  giant pearly shell into the crystalline deep. Fairy fronds of bright green weed trail artistically across the water’s calm and alluring surface. Silvery shafts of sunlight bounce off the surrounding stones and … Continue reading

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Thank God for Sunday

I bolted out of bed at 6:15am, already worrying about the first three things I would need to tackle at the office. In the midst of a contemplative moment in the bathroom, it dawned that today is not Monday. I … Continue reading

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What WAS I Thinking?

I have turned into a comic composite of a seaside landlady, a pantomime dame and Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced Boo-Kay). In all the other photos taken at Tom and Mike’s wedding (photos of the grooms to follow–I promise), people look like … Continue reading

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