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Garden in close up

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Intrigue in the Garden

Pegotty’s pond has tadpoles and one frog. My pond has only one frog, who I am choosing to believe is the neighborhood Casanova, offering what might be described as a hop on-hop off service. Certainly, his beautiful green jaw and … Continue reading

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No Harm Done

The lights were on and the engine was running but there was no-one in the car.  For two hours, nearly three, hundreds of tourists walked by and, if anyone stopped to try the door, no-one chose to get into my … Continue reading

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A Buck or Two for Jill’s Buddy Camp?

One year ago, my friend lost his wife and his unborn daughter in a terrible accident at the ocean. (  The last year has brought me closer to Matt and made me very sorry I never met Jill– a wonderful … Continue reading

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Summer garden party for 20

It is all going terribly well.  There was a moment of panic on Thursday of course when I thought I’d lost my credit card. How was I to buy the comestibles for this weekend’s party? It turned out to be … Continue reading

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