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Where am I? Who am I?

My son has embraced a new Facebook trend and turns out to have a talent for it. In the last week, he has posted: I am so DC I remember dat if u had 3 buckets and 2 sticks u … Continue reading

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Family Frailty

My son and I have a lot in common, once you get past genetic makeup, skin color, gender, sporting prowess, and taste in music. Like me, he is not entirely honest with himself or others; is not inclined to stick … Continue reading

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Seven Days of Bliss

This was a great week. I got to see my son and hold his baby girl. My daughter won a job interview with one of the world’s biggest and best known companies. I began to work on a project that … Continue reading

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The Best Kind of Birthday

Birthdays always fell a little short of special when I was a child. My sister was born a year and three days after me and so my mother would invest in one packet of candles, bake two cakes, and make … Continue reading

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Things we do in Itchy Ankle

Much has been written about what people do in NYC. There is a list outlining how people spend their time in Washington DC. Although Gretel will tell you that nothing ever happens in Itchy Ankle, this is what we do here: Bemoan … Continue reading

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A Fairy Tale Existence

Gretel and the Handsome Prince are often confused. Their bewilderment this week has centered on the difference between fact and fantasy. “I only found out this week that pirates are real” said the Handsome Prince in wonderment “I heard about … Continue reading

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A near brush with disaster

“Where are you?” asked Gretel, sounding worried “I am only a few minutes away. I’ll be home soon” I said “Good” she said, “I thought you were dead”. I couldn’t see any reason for the alarm. Granted, it had been … Continue reading

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Fabulous Over Fifty

I drove home with the back seat filled with birthday balloons. The balloons were a gift from Gretel who also took me out for dinner. We went to Sakura where the chef prepares steak, chicken, shrimp and/scallops in front of you, … Continue reading

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Back with a Vengeance

My levels of self-loathing are at a new high and this is a hard post to write. I have put on most of the weight I lost last year and, as the anniversary of my respite at the (yes, madly … Continue reading

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Garden Party

We woke to a new-washed world. A huge limb from the mulberry tree was bowed to the ground, but there was no other damage from the funnel clouds and biblical rain of Friday night. The pile of dirt for the … Continue reading

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