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Growing old digitally

My birthday was marked in a way that wouldn’t have been possible ten years ago: 78 greetings via Facebook; one ecard; an email; a what’s app message; and two text messages. I also received a parcel via Amazon, and an … Continue reading

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Hot enough to set alarm bells ringing

The smoke alarms went off at 1am, waking me and probably the whole of Itchy Ankle. I tumbled out of bed and stumbled into the kitchen where I stood naked on a kitchen chair to rip the alarm from the … Continue reading

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This week by the water

I am like a mother who can’t limit the number of darling baby pictures she will post on Facebook. I am as bad as the crazy cat lady who provides minute by minute updates on the lives of Squiffy and … Continue reading

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Lick me all over

The late Sir David Frost chaired a television panel game called “Through the Keyhole”. The format still airs on TV in the UK. The show involved cameras cruising a celeb’s house, much as on MTV’s Cribs, and other celebs then … Continue reading

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Perfect Dinner Companions

” We never run out of conversation,” said John and looked adoringly across the table at his wife. “We’ve lived long enough to have a lot of stories.” “And we’ve lived long enough to tell each of them a number … Continue reading

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Ideal Christmas Gifts for Itchy Ankle and Beyond.

I realize this list is a little late but the details are worth remembering for next year’s buying frenzy, or for people who have birthdays in January. Anything from Chocolopolis I invested some money via Kickstarter this year to help … Continue reading

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Boys will be battering rams

“It looks like someone hit it head first” said the policeman as he wrote up the crime report for damage done to the Blarneymobile. ” The dent does look head-shaped” I agreed, looking pensively at the windshield ” But how … Continue reading

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Things we do in Itchy Ankle

Much has been written about what people do in NYC. There is a list outlining how people spend their time in Washington DC. Although Gretel will tell you that nothing ever happens in Itchy Ankle, this is what we do here: Bemoan … Continue reading

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Intrigue in the Garden

Pegotty’s pond has tadpoles and one frog. My pond has only one frog, who I am choosing to believe is the neighborhood Casanova, offering what might be described as a hop on-hop off service. Certainly, his beautiful green jaw and … Continue reading

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Day Lilies of Delight

I made a pot of Irish minestrone–no pasta, extra potato.  Over-eating inside the house is now being matched by excess outdoors. The squirrels have discovered how to knock the top off the birdhouse. They now scale the post, and dive … Continue reading

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