Plan for Life Post-Fat Camp

Preparing to Succeed

This is my action plan for taking care of myself by eating well and moving around more. Duke Diet and Fitness Center says that people who think through their plan, and write it down, lose more weight and keep it off longer than those who do not. Setting deadlines and measuring success is key.

Someday Goal: I will lose 50 lbs and keep it off through 2012. I will do this by eating no more than 1200 calories a day and taking at least 5 hours of exercise a week. I will follow Duke best practices and keep a food journal, weigh and measure food, and plan my meals. I will walk at least 10,000 steps a day and swim a mile at least once a week. I will  complete a good mix of aerobic, strength and flexibility exercise every week.

Everyday goal. I will shop for fruit, vegetables and lean protein every week and wash and in some cases chop and pack my vegetables all at one time, just like Rachael Ray does. Fruit and/or vegetables will be part of every meal. I will be careful of carb, protein and fat portion sizes. I will bring fruit, yogurt, hummus and vegetables to work for lunch and keep a water bottle at my desk. I will bring oatmeal to work and have breakfast every day. I will use my phone and work notebook to write down what I eat and will try to sustain a food journal habit. I will plan to spend a week at DFC around Thanksgiving 2011 to monitor my progress and kickstart the next phase of my lifestyle change.

I will eat out no more than once a week and will try to limit my dinner calories to 800 through portion control, avoiding alcohol and ordering only one course. I will ask for dressing on the side, no sauce or for half my meal to be packed to go. When I visit friends, I will bring sparkling water and will stay away from snacks.

I will join the fitness facilities at UMD and have the membership fee deducted from payroll. I will take part in a weekly aqua aerobics class and will swim at least half a mile once a week,using beads to track my progress. I will bring my long hippie dresses to the gym, so I can’t use the hassle of getting dressed as an excuse not to swim. I will walk for at least an hour at weekends and take a 10-15 minute walk on campus at least once a day during the week. I will use the stairs to get to my second floor office. As budget allows, I will rejoin the gym in Itchy Ankle and/or get a personal trainer at UMD. When I travel for work, I will spend an hour a day at least twice a week at the hotel’s fitness facility.

Bad Days goals: Remind myself that oopsadaisies are inevitable but get back on track within hours of the glitch. I will dance in bed when I feel too tired or hot/cold to exercise outside. I’ll make myself do at least an hour’s tidying and cleaning before eating or using the computer and make an effort to walk away from my desk for 15 minutes at least once a day. Even if I am not controlling my calories I will make a mindful decision at each meal to either do without carbs or protein, to add more fruit or vegetables, to drink water, and to stop eating before I feel over-full. If I am planning to drink more than one glass of wine, I will interperse it with glasses of water.

Red Flags: Not shopping at the weekend, missing breakfast 3 times or more in 2 weeks, throwing out fruit or vegetables, eating out more than once a week, eating until over-full, drinking more than one glass of wine at a meal, not writing down what I eat.

Getting parking tickets (too lazy to walk from a legal parking spot), taking the elevator, missing scheduled classes, missing walks.

Remedy: Restart a food journal, join Tuesday night coaching calls at Duke, call Peapod for home delivery of groceries, attend WW meeting, arrange to eat out with particularly health conscious friends, dance in bed to at least three fast tracks before getting up. Wear a pedometer at least once a week and add an extra 100 steps to each day’s total. Ask Itchy Ankle and DC friends to join me for a walk. Plan short trips to places I especially enjoy–a walk to 14th street, or to Breezy Point to go looking for sharks teeth, or around the portrait gallery, or to the farmers market. Do something I enjoy–painting, or mosaic or watering the yard, before eating.

5 Responses to Plan for Life Post-Fat Camp

  1. Liz, I know you can do this! I have had a year of weight-loss myself after decades of extra pounds, and I recognize so much about what you say. I’m here to tell you that It can be done, and every part of it is interesting. Once you make the switchover (and from the sound of it you may have already), you see that living this way solves so many more problems than it causes (it does cause some). Good luck and be patient!

    You’ve such a good writer, too! Please keep going with the reports. I’m looking forward to seeing you again.

  2. blarneycrone says:

    thanks Barbara–this means a lot to me. See you soon I hope–and good luck with your own plan, Liz

  3. Targe of Takoma says:

    Susan Barocas and I used to meet every other week (or so) for a power walk. We wouldn’t eat until we’d walked for at least 30 mins. And now that you’re at UM, you’re just down the road… will happily come walk around campus with you!

  4. So wish I was still in DC to walk to Whole Foods for veggies and fruit and yogurt!!! This is so awesome. I hope you’re really proud of yourself!

  5. Juliet Blake says:

    I will walk with you and feed you healthy food from my garden, when are you back? How was it? Sounds like you’ve had a very productive month.

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