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Not the worst Irish bar in the world.

To the Roisin Dubh or Black Rose, an Irish bar just steps from my hotel in Boston. It is not the worst Irish bar in the world–there is strong competition in this field–but neither is it the best. I ordered the bangers and … Continue reading

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Marigolds–A Real Fashion Statement

Dear Doris, First of all, my apologies if my comments to Derek Templeton about you were hurtful. There is something about that man that riles me up and caused me to type less tactfully than I should. Naturally, I envy you your … Continue reading

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By our words we are known

Jeff has written books before, of course, but his last one will be different. This time, he is writing in the first person about everything he cares about, and writing for everyone he holds most dear. Jeff is living with stage four pancreatic cancer. … Continue reading

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As large as life and twice as cheerful.

Take two tables, each shaped like a slice of melon and place one of them in Boxborough MA and one in Phoenix AZ. Add the magic of Cisco Telepresence, three 65 inch television screens, and some eerily good audio and … Continue reading

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An angel at the airline counter

While on the subject of good deeds, and people with enough class, selflessness and empathy to walk away from the money, the Crone relates this tale told to her last night by a dear friend who lost her father early … Continue reading

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Non-rhotacism, road signs and a return to Boston lettuce

The people of Massachusetts have a funny way with words. It’s not just the way they pronounce them–dropping and adding the letter r just how they please–but how the words are deployed. Take road signs: They say “Thickly Settled” where others refer … Continue reading

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“It is wrong for our civil laws to deny any American the basic right to be part of a family, to have loved ones with whom to build a future and share life’s joys and tears, and to be free from the stain of bigotry and discrimination.” Senator Ted Kennedy, 2005

It  is a day more suited for a funeral than a wedding and safe to assume that Hurricane Danny was named for Republican Dan Quayle rather than that other Congressional consensus-builder,Daniel Webster one of the finest senators of the 19th … Continue reading

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Wi Fi in the Sky

The Crone is blogging at 30,000 feet, while flying to Boston, courtesy of Airtran. The service is called GoGo and a gogo girl at BWI handed the Crone a free coupon so she could connect in the air. It’s completely … Continue reading

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