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I don’t got milk

I have failed the online Irish test set by Buzzfeed. I can’t sing the anthem, I don’t speak Gaelic and, perhaps most damning of all, I don’t drink tea. It is the milk that puts me off. I find milk … Continue reading

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Drinking the Eugene Walter way. A new book from Thomas Head.

The first of what I am sure will be many rave reviews and recommendations for Thomas Head’s book The Happy Table of Eugene Walter: Southern Spirits in Food and Drink. Yes, the book made Zagat’s must-read list for the fall. … Continue reading

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In heaven, all the drinks are pink

I do not believe in ghosts, which is a shame. One can never know too many people, dead or alive. Of course, there are also people I knew in this life, who I would dearly like to see again. Nontheless, in the apparition-free zone … Continue reading

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I’m an Agora-phile:new restaurant, 17th St.

My love of middle eastern food (well, all food) is well known and so regular readers will rejoice to learn that a new restaurant, Agora, has opened just a block and a half from the Blarney Abode. It looks set to … Continue reading

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Rules to live by

The Crone’s holiday companion, the excellent Thomas Head has a number of rules to live by which seem sound enough to share here. These include: Never buy art on vacation Disallow an open mike at both funerals and weddings and … Continue reading

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