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Hot enough to set alarm bells ringing

The smoke alarms went off at 1am, waking me and probably the whole of Itchy Ankle. I tumbled out of bed and stumbled into the kitchen where I stood naked on a kitchen chair to rip the alarm from the … Continue reading

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Garden in close up

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Intrigue in the Garden

Pegotty’s pond has tadpoles and one frog. My pond has only one frog, who I am choosing to believe is the neighborhood Casanova, offering what might be described as a hop on-hop off service. Certainly, his beautiful green jaw and … Continue reading

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A hedgerow makes the headline

I am debuting a new banner for the Blarney blog. The photo above replaces one of an Irish letter box taken in Navan, Co. Meath several years ago. The new banner features a hedgerow in Carnlough, Co. Antrim, snapped last week on a day-trip to the … Continue reading

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In the beauty of the lilies…

Pictures of other people’s flowers are like pictures of other people’s children. Dull. I’ve tried to be selective, I’ve tried to keep them small. They make me happy.

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Got Crazy?

The Wilson Barron deck and gardens are already a draw in Itchy Ankle. Connie and Mary, two women I have never seen before, stopped by this morning while I was having my coffee. They oohed and aahed over my flowerbeds … Continue reading

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Garden Party

We woke to a new-washed world. A huge limb from the mulberry tree was bowed to the ground, but there was no other damage from the funnel clouds and biblical rain of Friday night. The pile of dirt for the … Continue reading

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Growing good ‘uns

The uncharitable might consider it little more than practice for the chain gang, but I am prepared to see it as filial loyalty, and love of both hard work and the outdoors. Hansel and the Handsome Prince have spent this … Continue reading

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Almost worth the walk

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The weekend stretches before me…

A person can get so much done when her kids aren’t around at the weekend. First of all, she can get up when she likes, without fear of bumping into a teenager making a snack before retiring to bed for … Continue reading

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