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Lick me all over

The late Sir David Frost chaired a television panel game called “Through the Keyhole”. The format still airs on TV in the UK. The show involved cameras cruising a celeb’s house, much as on MTV’s Cribs, and other celebs then … Continue reading

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A moment of intimacy in the elevator

In common with most of the global female population, I have shunned intimate contact with Milhous Vile. That situation has dramatically shifted this weekend. We are in Paris, but the change of my status from untouched to despoiled is nothing … Continue reading

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Crocheted unmentionables and smelly sleep partners

For the last few nights, Peggoty has been sleeping curled up with an onion. She keeps it chopped up and in a Santa sock. She believes the onion will help her shake off the chest cold that has beset her since before Valentine’s Day. … Continue reading

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Buzz Off–Not Likely

His name was Carlo and I met him in Milan. He had a black mop of corkscrew hair and olive skin that smelt of mosquito repellent.  It only increased my attraction, and since then I associate anything Deet-scented with deep … Continue reading

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Prophylactic shock

In 10 years in the United States, the Crone has gotten quite good at the language.  But only this week she discovered yet another word designed to trip up unwary Europeans roaming the New World. She shares the story to … Continue reading

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Could Dr Oz have got it wrong?

A snow day and the holidays have given the Crone a chance to reunite with her one true love–daytime television. Sitting knitting yesterday in front of Dr Oz, the Crone was intrigued to hear that people who DON’T have a … Continue reading

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The Itchy Ankle Post-Intelligencer

All sorts of news from Itchy Ankle. Kind readers have requested updates on recent Blarney blog posts and so, here by popular demand, is the latest on The Scholar, The Birthday Dress and Naked Men on the Beach. The Scholar has … Continue reading

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Crone ISO Curmudgeon

Yes, it’s true. The Crone has decided to make the move from mouldering to smouldering, and plans to add a little sex to her hex. The prompt for the old girl’s fancy this fall?  Well, in every ditch close to the witch, … Continue reading

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