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At last, a map that can help

Spud Hughes sent an email this morning with the subject line “WayHay–At last, a map that can help” This is the map.  All heart, so he is. Happy Valentine’s Day

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Harsh words from Home

Spud Hughes is a hard man to get hold of in any hemisphere or timezone. That’s how it is with international entrepreneurs and media moguls. My appointment with him was at 7:30 this morning, Eastern time, and it is fair … Continue reading

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The Importance of Ritual

I caught the bouquet at the wedding of Spud to the third Mrs Hughes. Positioning myself just inches from the bride, I  used a mixture of bulk and brass neck to elbow other, younger and more nimble hopefuls out of the way. … Continue reading

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Back with a Vengeance

My levels of self-loathing are at a new high and this is a hard post to write. I have put on most of the weight I lost last year and, as the anniversary of my respite at the (yes, madly … Continue reading

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A Holy Mess

It has all gone horribly wrong. My attempts to unravel the mystery of Doris Brazil’s yuletide mail drop and the whereabouts of my own JP2 bottle opener (missing since before the Catholic church fell into international disrepute–a fact which may … Continue reading

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Dark Intrigue Surrounds Doris Brazil

Dear Doris, Thanks for your thank-you note which arrived today. I am glad to see that the Appleton Marsh Post Office has finally got the hang of airmail. The note, and your recent blog post actually caused me some alarm … Continue reading

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Street Protests for Beginners

Spud Hughes calls to let me know that he has fled the mean streets of London for the safety and tranquility of downtown Belfast. My how times have changed. In Belfast of course, they are rather scornful of the English ability … Continue reading

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Doris Downhill All the Way

The idiosyncracies of Itchy Ankle email have caused an unfortunate rupture in my correspondence with Doris Brazil. This letter was sent nearly two months ago, but, belatedly, I post it here for your reading pleasure, and have also included my reply … Continue reading

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Media Darlings

It was just like old times: Spud Hughes calling the shots in the gallery and the Crone being bossy on the studio floor. Yes, this week the Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez of  early 80s Irish television were reunited again to produce … Continue reading

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Ironing and the Irishman

Spud Hughes is back in town. He arrived at the DC apartment tonight wearing his best brown irish linen suit. ” I wore it here on the plane because I’ll need it next week and I didn’t want to get it … Continue reading

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