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A postcard from San Juan

To San Juan, capital of Puerto Rico and a sort of sun-baked, spanish-speaking  Belfast. Substitute plantain for potatoes, overlook the difference in temperature, and imagine all the houses painted brightly rather than built of brick and the two cities are remarkably … Continue reading

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The Foolish Virgin Islands.

You’ve heard of the British Virgin Islands, and the US Virgin Islands. The Crone’s friend Mike likes to think of Vieques as the Foolish Virgin Island. It is not known on what his assessment is based.

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A bit of a worry

The Crone has been kept awake with worry: Kraft, the slicey cheese company,  has acquired Cadbury’s, makers of the Crone’s favorite chocolate. No good can possibly come of this. Cadbury chocolate-one of today’s great tastes Cadbury products were a staple of … Continue reading

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A great story on the subject of two countries divided by a common language

The Crone loves this response to her Prophylactic Shock posting sent by a Facebook friend in the UK. He writes: “My favo(u)rite story concerns a British guy visiting our American HQ for the first time.  He wanted to smoke before our meeting and … Continue reading

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For Thanksgiving, humble pie

The Crone remembers a time when Tony Blair was popular. It was early summer 1997 and the then UK premier was newly elected and selecting his cabinet. A friend of the Crone’s, someone then about the age the Crone is now, … Continue reading

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