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I’ve seen pink snow

Feather-light pink flakes swirled in front of my windshield. I considered the situation carefully: the DC metro region has had its share of snow and hail in the last couple of weeks. More bad weather is forecast from Wednesday but … Continue reading

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I smell trouble.

“It isn’t right that I have to drive 25 miles to get hold of a Yankee candle” complained Peggoty the other day. We agree on most things, but here I beg to differ. One of the reasons I love Itchy Ankle … Continue reading

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Have you no James Galway?

The rain started just about the same time as the show. Eighteen thousand people had been given free tickets. Only those of us who were related to someone involved in the production actually used them, turning out on a cold, … Continue reading

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Changeable Out

Yesterday it was 55 degrees. The Rook and I sat outside to eat breakfast and took a walk on the beach without coats. Today it snowed. The pink sky pictures were taken on the way to work at sunrise last … Continue reading

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Irene–the opera

The birch tree outside my bedroom window is feigning like a flamenco dancer and the bamboo has an Hawaiian hula sway. The rain provides percussion for the wind’s baritone rumble. None shall sleep.  

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Salad with Star Power

There must be a thunderstorm somewhere, for the on-demand episode of Glee kept freezing on the wide screen tv behind the bar and I am here to tell you that Kurt and Rachel, like the Duchess of York, are not people … Continue reading

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A Kindness of Strangers

Last night was a bad time to leave my hooded raincoat hanging on the back of my office door for it was pouring this morning when I left the house. I didn’t even have an umbrella, because those are all … Continue reading

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Itchy Ankle under ice

Sometimes it is hard to see the beauty in your own life and it helps to have a friend point it out. I am indebted to Spud Hughes who took most of the pictures below for letting me see just … Continue reading

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Jonathan’s Permanent Erection–a snapshot for Doris Brazil

Dear Doris, The candlelight vigil was thoughtful but really, was it wise to allow Flo near a naked flame? I completely understand why Audrey failed to show–after the Crispy Pancake incident, she is bound to be nervous. Anyhow, we survived. According … Continue reading

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Tornado warning for Itchy Ankle

Dear Doris, I write to you from Washington DC where the weather is the worst we have seen since last winter’s snow.  There is biblical rain and on TV the weather man warns of a tornado risk in Itchy Ankle. People are advised … Continue reading

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