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The Ugly Language of Free Enterprise

“What are our learnings?” inquired John G. and raised an ironic eyebrow. “We have clarity on what we need to operationalize. We need to own this space,” said John C. and snorted. “Without execution we have nothing to leverage, ” … Continue reading

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Thank God for Sunday

I bolted out of bed at 6:15am, already worrying about the first three things I would need to tackle at the office. In the midst of a contemplative moment in the bathroom, it dawned that today is not Monday. I … Continue reading

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Independence, Process and Courage

Check out this post for the blog at Transparency Towers and stay tuned for more news on How to Be(come) a Director, presented by Charles Elson, coming soon to a desktop near you. I hope you can also access the … Continue reading

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Iphone, Iphone, take my call: who’s the fairest of them all?

I write from 30, 000 feet, thanks to the wifi service available on my American Airlines flight to San Diego via Dallas Fort Worth. The floating on air feeling is welcome, because the week since my vacation ended has been rather … Continue reading

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The Boss’s Big Birthday

Good cheer and some community singing this week at Transparency Towers as the team gathered to celebrate the CEO’s 65th birthday. The Director of Operations, ever direct and to the point, asked if he had availed himself of cut-price movie tickets, … Continue reading

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When it all becomes a bit much

Everyone who works with the Crone works hard and cares about doing a good job. The Crone, though, began to feel things were getting out of hand when a colleague reported that she had gone to an IMAX screening of … Continue reading

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Beauty on the walk to work: Washington DC

This gallery contains 13 photos.

The Crone lives right at the heart of the Nation’s Capital and so never has to tangle with beltway traffic. Instead, she walks to work and it takes just 20 minutes. Some days she feels more positive about both the … Continue reading

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